who are you?

i want to write to you again
but who are you?

are you a memory?
are you a fantasy?
are you anyone remotely related to this life i know
do you even know me?
can our love ever be?
am i a fool to think you'd ever come to never let me go?

somewhere in my dreams i see your face
somewhere in my heart i feel the rhythm of your soul
somewhere in my life you took first place
and returning to you has been my only lifelong goal

i want to sing to you again
nothing's more true

the sweetest melody
the perfect harmony
the wonder of a love so pure it lives beyond the end of time
beyond eternity
beyond infinity
beyond any explanation we are the quintessential rhyme

as two people are one in some way life can't explain
we are as real as anything as if we share one brain
we live the magic moment every fairy tale dreams of
the passion and the potion of the first and only love

nothing's more true
i wish i knew
who are you?

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