what if I loved you

what if I loved you
how would it be?
would you reciprocate
or would you laugh at me?
would you feel threatened
or flattered or sexy?
would you even
take me seriously?

what if I told you
I could lose myself in you?
would you believe me
would you want me to?
is the attraction
at all mutual?
for me you define
what is beautiful

and if I never come to know your love
you will still be all I'm dreaming of
for whatever chemicals you inspire
nothing else could ever get me higher

what if I reached out
would you take my hand?
would you feel something
would you understand?
this is not an idle
wish or anything I planned
the nearer to you
it feels like wonderland

where everything is perfect as if you
were made to make all my dreams come true
beyond any explanations
there are euphoric sensations
I could watch you do every little thing you do
forever would not be long enough to
express the wonder of you
I wish you knew

what if I gave you
all I can be
control and power
to create me
what if I trust you
this unconditionally
believing that you are
everything to me

what if I loved you
how would it be?

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