this is how it used to be
when you were in love with me
the words fell into rhyme
the music fell in time
and life was a euphoric ecstasy

now i don't know what to do
cuz i am still in love with you
even after all this time
you are still my most sublime
it might not make sense but it's true
(i'm still in love with you)

some may think this is sad
some may say i've lost my mind
is it crazy to be happy
i did not leave you behind

when i promised i will love you
i meant till the end of all time
maybe most people just say it
i think that is the sad crime

but you don't have to agree with me
you can be anyone you want to be
and if you didn't mean it that's ok
i still love you anyway

this is how it's meant to be
love is for eternity
love can never end
love cannot pretend
love is a euphoric ecstasy

this is the best i can do
don't pretend you never knew
this is what the heart dreams of
time does not change true love
it doesn't have to make sense to be true
(i can still be in love with you)

i don't mean to scare you
or interfere in your life
it's ok if you don't want me
and you're someone else's wife

we don't have to be together
we may never meet again
but as sure as there is
i will always be your friend

this is how it's meant to be
love is not a fantasy
love can never end
and i am still your friend
for all eternity

this is how it's meant to be
love is my reality
love cannot pretend
love can never end
time does not change what is true
i will always be here for you
if you ever need anything
i will always be here for you

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