last night, 1973

last night, back in 1973 there was an icy rain falling last night, back in 1973 there was a broken heart calling as she stood there wet and shivering not wanting to say goodbyes i could see the agony pouring from her eyes as we came together one last time not wanting it to end i could see the tragedy of losing my best friend last night, somewhere back in time two souls were once in love last night, somewhere back in rhyme tears fell from the stars above as she walked away into the dark dreams crumbled and died i could see illusions telling us we lied as we closed our eyes one last time changing goals and roles i could see the confusion swallowing our souls the scars of the first kiss still burn somehow the world continued to turn the greatest story ever told suddenly got old last night, a long time ago what do you remember today? last night, a long rhyme ago what is there left to say? maybe we never knew was love ever that true? somewhere from out of the blue last night, was that you?

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