one more

there was only one time
in this life
when I felt completely loved
by someone I wanted deeper
than my consciousness could control

there was only one love
in this life
when fell completely in
and felt completely satisfied
something like a solstice of the soul

it was my rebirth
my place on this earth
was suddenly intense
and everything made sense
because I was in love
with the one in love
with me
there was never more
true love before

and as the years passed
in this life
I tried to fall in love again
but no one understood enough
and my consciousness continued

to search for the one
in this life
who could understand my mind
and make sense of my heart and soul
for rebirth in love requires two

until two become one
the search for love is not done

and there are many who live alone
successful and complete
with no need for the fall in love
no need to go that deep
and I have enjoyed every day
alone in this life
but I still find this dream alive
more than husband and wife

it is a rebirth
a place on this earth
so suddenly intense
that everything makes sense
because we are in love
two become one in love
you see
there must be one more
true love in store
for me

there must be one more
true love in store
for me

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