life is a journey from womb to grave
moments are passing by constantly
every moment you spend trying to save
a moment that passed
is wasting what that moment can be
at least this is how life appears to me

so I live for today
and I give it all away
all my love all my trust all I am
and don't think that I don't understand

that I can be hurt
and ground into dirt
but if I must die I will die alive
not waiting for some future life to arrive

I learned that from you
it is what you used to do
I don't know where you are not or why
you made the choice to give up and die

maybe peer pressure got to you
or maybe your love was not true
but I choose to believe that it was fear
and you caved in and disappeared

and I take this moment to bring you into today
so I can remember the most important words I can say
I love you even though you went away
for the world can leave me, but my love will stay

this is what I learned
and as the world turned
I realize each moment is something new
and I choose what I want to do

I don't have to feel hurt or sad
because I know the love we had
is still the love I share right now
I am blessed because I remember how

so in this moment as if out of the blue
I show you what it means when love is true
weakness is running away, giving into fear
strength is loving everyone everywhere
and that's what I do
I carry it through
and I am stronger because I once loved you
I am stronger because... I still love you
every moment is new and in everything I do
I am stronger because... I still love you

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