I never felt as good as I did
when I was in your arms
you might say I was just a kid
and don't really know

but I've lived a life full of love
I cared, much was shared
and experience speaks for me now
for all the wondrous love I made
still nothing compared

with your kiss
with the bliss
that I knew
with you

I never felt as true as I did
when you believed in me
you might say I flipped my lid
but I'm not crazy

for I've taken my time
and nothing has changed
I've evaluated a wonderful life
and I would only change one thing
it might sound strange

but your kiss
is the bliss
still the best

nothing has ever felt as true
nothing has ever felt as real
nothing has ever gotten so through
to the core of my soul
nothing has made me feel
as good as you did
when you shared ecstasy
the best life I lived
was when you were with me

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