this is how it used to be every year
as I would remember you
and pay respect to the feeling
of a love so true
that it felt more alive
than anything else I would do
and what kept me going was believing
you knew it too

this is how it was every year
as I would open the feelings again
and reach past the emptiness
to believe we were still friends
and while it may be all
no more than a fantasy
it is what keeps me believing in love
and believing that love
can still happen for me

so who am I to go against tradition
and who am I to stop a bleeding heart
and who am I to resist the submission
that makes love real enough to tear reality apart
this is how I knew right from the start
I am blessed with endless love inside my heart

so as long as I am alone
instead of lamenting
instead of forgetting
how it feels to be in love
I take a few moments each day
and devote them to remembering
how precious it can feel
when everything a heart dreams of
comes true
this is how I still remember you
this is why I still remember you

and in a world where so many turn off their hearts
as if dreams can not come true
I feel blessed
that this is still something I can do

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