and I will not sleep

and I will not sleep again without you
I may close my eyes and even reach
an unconscious stupor
but I'll never find my dreams
for my dreams are all in you
and I don't know how more clearly I can say
that I have not had one moment's rest
since you went away

and I will not sleep as I did with you
gave myself to dreams and even more
I was ready to die
satisfied I I found my dreams
and my dreams came true in you
but I have not heard a single song play
I have not come anywhere near my best
since you went away

you touched me in places so deep
I can never find myself again without you
you found secrets in me I had never known
and I never felt alone
when you were part of my life

you gave me reasons to live
I could never imagined feeling wihout you
all that is good came to bless us
all that is holy and precious
made us man and wife

and I will not sleep
this passion runs so deep
I have promises to keep
and rewards to reap
as I remain true to the love
others can only dream of
what was real for you and me
what is true for all to see
is the greatest fantasy
turned into reality
in the moments I shared with you
most have no clue
how perfectly beautiful
wonderfully magical
completely spectacular
there is no venacular
to express the feeling we knew
a love pure and true
and it is still here waiting for you
as powerful today
what else can I say?
I love you more each day
just the same
since you went away

and I will not sleep
though I might pray
you'll come back to me
and I start every day
with the hope and the faith
in the love we shared
for our hearts were true
there is mo measure
for how much we cared
we shared infinite pleasure
until you disappeared

now there always seems to be lines missing
for every song I play
what is wrong, they all say
but how can I tell them that I have not slept
since you went away
and I will not sleep again
until you're back to stay
please come home today

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