once in love...

once in love, there is no going back
there's no return to blissful ignorance
once in love, the cat has left the sack
the mind can not ignore experience

and some will drink, and some will smoke
and some will do anything, it is no joke
to kill brain cells, to drown regret
but love is something no heart can forget

it can turn cold, as hard as stone
it can be mean and live a life alone
but deep within, the heart still knows
and in dreams, or nightmares, it shows

even if we believe no one knows

once in love, you understand the smile
there is once with that much suspense
and you can live a life in denial
but the mind can not regain the innocence

and some will rage, and some will cage
emotions in silence or in words on a page
but few will try to fall in love again
and that is why I sit here with paper and pen

the passion's deep, the passion's fire
and I may scare you with the heat of my desire
so I just wait for you to come
and watch the people passing by so cool they're numb

trading love for life blind deaf and dumb

still I will not give up hoping you understand
someone, somewhere, out there with an open hand
rising above all the pain, rage, and fears
to see the rainbows through their love's tears

and once in love, we can not lose unless
we give up on the magic love can be
for once in love, the greatest happiness
is falling in love again endlessly
for once in love lasts all eternity

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